About Trina

Trina's virtues on family, faith, and work have been the foundation of her life. As a mother and wife, Trina Cervantes has spent most of her life in the pursuit of helping others.

In her early 20's, she worked with her father’s Consulting Firm helping clients achieve their dreams and hopes of running for political office or expanding their business marketing and success.

In 2004, she began her career in the legal field, building a career that began as a legal secretary, to a Certified Law Clerk and Firm Administrator. Much of that work was done while she was going to college and law school as a full-time student, and eventually passing the California State Bar Examination on her first attempt.

Mrs. Cervantes has gained invaluable knowledge of not only the legal system - in and out of the courtroom - but, also the personal aspect of every case. She is well-aware of the anxiety that her clients endure throughout the legal process and has committed herself to being there for each client every step of the way to secure the best possible outcome.

While pursuing her Juris Doctorate degree at the Laurence Drivon School of Law in Stockton, she worked hand-in-hand with Somera Law Group and other prominent attorneys in the area to achieve successful judgments in hundreds of cases, varying from murder defense to prosecuting police assault and civil rights cases.

Today, Mrs. Cervantes focuses her practice primarily on personal injury matters and civil/business litigation to business contracts. With her years in the legal field she has developed a full range of backup and support in many of the legal and the paralegal areas.

“Years ago, I read something about Lawyers, from Mike Tyson the boxer. To paraphrase, he states that the lawyers he liked best, where those who became him. The Law is a maze of technicalities and endless details. When a client comes to me, they are often overwhelmed with anxiety, stress and of course worry. Sometimes, it is just about fighting for justice and the need for someone in their corner.

My reward is when I can be of help.”

-Trina Cervantes

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