I can't thank you enough, Trina for what you have done for me. I am so grateful that I had you helping me with this most difficult time of my life. You were always there for me no matter what and I deeply appreciate it.
Marc Cuevas

Thank you does not seem like enough for the peacefulness you have brought to my life. It has been a long process for me to get to where I am today and your help with making sure that me and my business is protected has comforted me in ways that I just can’t express. I know that I don’t have to worry these issues in the same intense way anymore.
Bernadette Ontiveros

Mrs. Cervantes, trying to work against the vast resources of an insurance company over a contract dispute is never easy. But you outmaneuvered the company at every turn. We could not have been more delighted with the representation we received. Thank you!
Mark Schnabel

Trina, I knew I was in the right place during our first meeting. I felt your intelligence, hardworking and concerned demeanor. Throughout my case I saw skill and brilliance at work. I feel fortunate that you took my case.
Donna Ray

I had a long and messy contractual situation when I met you. Right after hiring you, I felt instantly relieved. You handled my case efficiently and in a timely manner. I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case and can’t thank you enough for all you did for me.
Dave Sullivan

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